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Hey Everyone, Still waiting on our new equipment and setup of the Quick Time Event Recording Studio, but it’s taking longer than we had hoped.


I mean we could just pay the 68 Gems and have it done instantly, but those Gems don’t come cheap, lousy micro transactions, who has $5 to waste like that? Certainly not us thrifty gamers. I assure you this will be worth the wait. Upgrades always are… right?


Keep checking this site for more updates on this upgrade.


~Johnny Phantom

Hey Everyone! It’s been 2 years since I last dipped a toe in the Pool that is World of Warcraft.

Well I’m back again! and starting fresh with a Awesome Panda Hunter named “Bamboozie” And since he and I huuuuuugggee fans of The Venture Brothers, we can be found on “The Venture Co.” Server. So feel free to stop by if your a player of WOW and say hello!

Meet Bamboozie!

Meet Bamboozie!

Due to some Technical issues, we wont have a cast this week, but don’t fear! We’ll be back next week with some new surprises! and a all new setup that may make this awesome podcast like.. 20% cooler!


So what can you do for this time down? Well FXX is still showing their 2 Week Every Simpson Episode EVER marathon, go check that out!


Or if you want to game, See if you can find Johnny Phantom on World of Warcraft, or Evil Searat and Andy on Steam!

Hey everyone! We wanna get more involved with our strong following of amazing fans. So why not promote our Steam group? Sounds like a good time for that, so if you haven’t already joined, feel free to join our steam group I’ll be trolling the chat rooms more and adding more content when I can. Why not stop in, see if anyones up for a chat or debate, and even get some multiplayer games going on ^-^ Screenshot 2014-05-30 10.37.34 See you there!

Thanks everyone for your Twitter Helper submissions!!

The grand prize winner goes to Mr. Briski and Laundry Lad!!

Check this out!


How would you like to win a cool game on Steam? What game you ask? Does that matter? Its free!
Okay, fine I’ll tell you. Psychonauts! And what better way to earn this game than to dive into the subconscious mind of Derek the Evil Searat? It’s time for a Helper Contest!

How dose it work? Simple! I’m sure you’re a huge fan of our cast and know all about Helper and his famous line “You’re not going anywhere!” (Since I found out about this, I send Derek a text with some clip of some one saying this whenever I spot it) but why should I have all the fun? See a screen shot, a video clip, or create your own funny image with this line in it and tweet it with #TQTEHelper and you could win Psyconaughts!

Contest ends May 1st 2014 so get cracking! Enter as many times as you wish. Which ever one Derek finds that he deems the most worthy wins! (Maybe he’ll pick the funniest, maybe the most cleaver? Or maybe even the one that gives him the most goosebumps? Who knows!

Here’s the one I just took as an example


Good luck and most importantly,  Have fun!