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How would you like to win a cool game on Steam? What game you ask? Does that matter? Its free!
Okay, fine I’ll tell you. Psychonauts! And what better way to earn this game than to dive into the subconscious mind of Derek the Evil Searat? It’s time for a Helper Contest!

How dose it work? Simple! I’m sure you’re a huge fan of our cast and know all about Helper and his famous line “You’re not going anywhere!” (Since I found out about this, I send Derek a text with some clip of some one saying this whenever I spot it) but why should I have all the fun? See a screen shot, a video clip, or create your own funny image with this line in it and tweet it with #TQTEHelper and you could win Psyconaughts!

Contest ends May 1st 2014 so get cracking! Enter as many times as you wish. Which ever one Derek finds that he deems the most worthy wins! (Maybe he’ll pick the funniest, maybe the most cleaver? Or maybe even the one that gives him the most goosebumps? Who knows!

Here’s the one I just took as an example


Good luck and most importantly,  Have fun!


A Delicious Celebration cake made by the Lovely Elise-Noelle (Mrs. Phantom)

I didn’t think we could do it, there were times where Andy and I (Johnny Phantom) just didn’t think this podcast would make it this far.

We’d sit there, just not feeling it, Derek (The Evil Searat) would be there whipping us, as we sat there shackled to our podcast stools and mics. I figured that someday Derek would grow tired of cracking the whip, especially since Hudson was able to escape, but a strange thing happened. He began to whip us harder over the corse of the year, as to show us his pure will and determination of this podcast. As Andy and I sat there with new open wounds forming on top of our scars from the past weeks, we too fed off of Derek’s willpower and excitement for this podcast. As we approached our 1 year anniversary, we looked back on the blood, sweat, and tears (mostly blood) we poured into the podcast, our gaming keyboards, and controllers, and you know, we wouldn’t changed a thing. Maybe it wasn’t just Derek’s ambition that drove Andy and myself, maybe Derek too fed off our cries and pleas for mercy, and our will power to carry on. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m really proud of the team we have formed, the laughs we have shared, and the fans (Mr. Briski, and Electric Bill, whom I consider more our as close friends than fans) that we’ve gained. We all look forward to many more years doing what we love most! Sharing memories with all you who care to listen, ranting about things that make us happy or sad in the gaming world, and at times life events like buying a house, launching Kerbals into space, or reviving a old gaming console buddy to something more.

I wanna thank EVERYONE who made this possible, Derek, Andy, Mr. Briski, Electric Bill, our special guests Elise, Emily, Ken, and all of our listeners. With out all of us making one great pot luck podcast, none of this would be possible. I just wanna tell you all that I Love y…. HEY! IS THAT PICTURES OF CAKE AND TREATS?!



Soo we made it 1 full year of podcasting Gold.. well.. Silver.. defiantly not Bronze… well… anyway. I wanna thank you all again! I’m serious! You all are great and you all are as much a part of this as Derek, Andy, and I are! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’d like to post some pictures of our 1 year episode!, feel free to save these to your desktop or tablet device, blow the picture up to full screen and pretend your there with us. Because, truth is in spirit, you were! Every episode you guys all are!!


Derek eyeballing that cake as Andy and Johnny pose for a photo


“Damnit Andy! We’re professionals! You have to kick it up to at least 5 more glasses before we can start!”


Emily (Soon to be Mrs. Evil Searat) Showing off her goods!


4 Bowls of TQTE! The way to start any day!


Your Typical TQTE Studio recording desktop

Time for a Quick Announcement!

Johnny Phantom and Derek the Evil Searat have just recorded their first part of a multi part series of a play through of Final Fantasy III! Go check it out in “Johnny Phantom Plays” section of the “Shows” tab, we’re actually pretty proud of how it came out, had a lot of fun making it, and are sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!!


Also, incase you don’t wanna venture through all those tabs, click the Mog below, He’ll get you where you need to be super quick!


Hey everyone! It’s new site feature time!


As you can see, on our main menu, we now have a “Shows!” button it’s a quick easy way to find our live streams, as well as past recordings! Go check it out! It’s easy, fun, and free!! To get you started, Final Fantasy III (part 1) is up there now in Johnny Phantom’s Season 1 section.

It's Showtime!

Yes… Yes it is!

Hey Everyone!

Here at The Quick Time Event we have many dreams! Alas, we just don’t have the talent. So here’s your chance to shine!!

For the last VV (thats 55 episodes for you who get the joke) for the last who knows how many episodes, I’m sure I could just look it up but pfffft… not only does this member (JohnnyPhantom) have no talent, I also have no non-laziness to click stuff. I digress, for a long time we’ve been using music for our intro song thats pretty rad! but not our own. We’d like to change that with an official The Quick Time Event INTRO SONG! Now we’ve already exhausted our normal sources, we tried Andy, Derek, Myself, and even Rocktober, but so far no dice. So it’s time for what we know best! Making contests!!!

Immortalized¬†yourself with your music at the start of all of our future podcasts! we can’t pay you of course, but we can reward the winner with games! The amount of games is being decided, but I’m sure the more we love your song the more handsomely we will reward you.

We’re looking for something awesome and chiptuney! see what you can come up with! There’s no limit on the submissions, submit 1 or 100 songs if you like. Use whatever equipment you like. I suggest a Chiptune GameBoy cart inside of a SNES like below, but to each his own. More info on how to submit your work to follow soon!

Super Chiptune


Just to expand on the previous update.. you know…. the one right below this one ^-^

We’ve kinda went a little crazy on our streaming, crazy in a good way… not like crazy in the way a ex girlfriend becomes when you dump her..not like that at all.

sooo.. who you hanging with? you liar! I seen you with that other site! Is it prettier than us? I cut my self cause I love you.. hahahaha…. I HATE you… I’m sorry… I miss you..

oops…. What I mean to say is, we kinda went crazy on the streaming. I will continue to Stream on Thursday nights regularly and you can always see when we have a stream scheduled on our calendar, but in order to get all of the streams, because some nights Derek and I may just hope on Twitch on a whim, and you don’t wanna miss that, it’s best if you follow our feeds so you don’t miss a beat ^-^

Just go to each of our Twitch pages and click the “Follow” button!

Click HERE to Follow Derek The Evil Sea Rat!

Click HERE to Follow Johnny The Phantom!

and you’ll get a notice each time either one of us presses that record button! Derek’s been doing a great job playing Assassins Creed, and he just started black flag so there’s alot of gold to be found! I, myself, have just finished setting up my SNES streaming rig so get ready for a lot of 16 bit gold!


See you there matey!