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  1. How do you all keep finding this page :p I fixed the link, Mr. Briski, you should be good now, I just had to manually promote your account :)

  2. MrBriski MrBriski says:

    Hey Johnny, uh. How exactly do you post something? I feel like a dunce, but I can’t seem to find anytihng about it. I’ve signed up already.

  3. Nope, this is isn’t the ezine here, this is our 404 page :p the ezine should be I must have made a typo in the link, I’ll fix it :)

  4. electricbill electricbill says:

    Is this the e-zine johnnyphantom was planning?
    Surely it only fails if you have a deadline and don’t tell anyone else about it?
    You could always make it bi-annual, say one for summer and one just before christmas?
    If you can get all podcast presenters to join in, say 1000 words each, you’d have a e-zine in no time 😀
    was anyone else willing to contribute?

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